ScandiNAOS AB is a Swedish company working with energy efficient and sustainable shipping. The goal is to contribute to finding the best environmental and economic alternative for a sustainable and successful maritime transport industry.

During the past years much of ScandiNAOS's efforts has been devoted to alternative fuels, methanol in particular, and energy efficiency in general through the EffShip project and its successors.

Specific goals for the EffShip project included improving the efficiency of the ship machinery, introducing alternative marine fuels, using wind energy as a complementary propulsion force and developing applicable technology for reducing the emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx and Particulate Matter.

In the SPIRETH project that followed a DME-methanol mixture (OBATETM) was tried on board Stena Scanrail. Besides the technological aspects of the project issues regarding classification and flag state approval were major parts in the project.

While the SPIRETH project is still active, ScandiNAOS is a partner in Stena Lines work to convert Stena Germanica to methanol.

Other recent and ongoing projects for ScandiNAOS include energy efficiency, waste heat recovery, wing sails etc.

ScandiNAOS AB was founded as a cooperation between NAOS Ship and Boat design, Globtech AB and MarDeQ AB. The ambition was to develop efficient RoRo and RoPax designs for short sea shipping operations and to apply a system approach were ship, cargo handling and cargo logistics are designed for maximum system performance.

We have expertise and extensive experience in all areas of particularly RoRo and RoPax vessel design, cargo access equipment design and transport system design. We know that well designed short sea shipping system will have the potential to outperform land based transportation systems in more and more areas.